Oil Skimming


Our highly effective oil skimming process allows us to remove much of the contaminant before the oil/water mix enters the Hydraspin unit

Easy on site demonstration


Our onsite demonstration machines allow for a quick and easy setup, with unparalleled results allowing the customer to better understand our product

Salt Water Disposal sites


Our Salt Water Disposal machines quickly separate oil from water, and return up to 500 barrels per day of APISG ready oil

HydraSpin Team in action


Hydraspin USA demo team will come to your location, spend as much time as you need to explain our products, a gifted team of engineers and sales people are here to answer your questions 

Just look at the evidence


"Proof of the pudding" as they say, see our amazing before and after shots, water only, oil only , the original disposable product is clearly separated.

No disposal site too big


All units are managed by us, its a turn key solution, no fee for the machine, we work on assisting with oil separation costings, that becomes a win win for both parties

HS DEMO in action

Check out this great video from a site in Oklahoma, watch how we separate good oil, from the oil and water mix.

10 gallons 3 minutes

Watch how we collect our oil from the waste 10 gallons every 3 minutes

About Us

Hydrocyclone technology


As part of Water Now Inc, we know a thing or two about water

Helping clean the environment


Our products get rid of the waste, saving prescious areas from contamination

Land today Ocean tomorrow


Our machines can possibly be deployment ready for any oil disaster at sea.


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